About Us

TLCpracticetest.com is here to prepare you for your TLC exam. Our professional content generators have created over 1,000 questions very similar to actual TLC test questions. Our servers are programmed to provide you real time experience that is very close to the Actual exam. Our system shuffles & selects random unique set of 20, 40 or 80 questions from a huge Exam Bank every time a student attempts one of our Practice Tests.

Our system provides detailed Exam Review after completion of each exam. We provide you Your total score, section wise results & individual question results. Our practice Exams consist a mix of all topics including Geography, TLC Rules & Regulations, Customer Service, Vision Zero, DMV rules & Road Signs, Bridges, Tunnels, Parks, Neighborhoods, Landmarks, etc. etc.

We provide you the “Like Real” TLC practice exam that gives you a complete feel of the actual exam. Our “Like Real” Practice Test contains 80 Multiple Choice Questions and give you 2 hour time to answer those 80 questions. We have added thousands of Questions in our Exam bank those are very close to or similar to real exam questions. A huge number of questions also guarantee the fact that you will get a new set of random questions every time you take a practice exam at TLCpracticetest.com.