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Test yourself before taking the actual exam.

  • Our tests are very similar to the TLC Exam. We give you an opportunity to experience the TLC test in advance and master the questions, format, and navigation of the actual exam.
  • Our Practice tests are ideal for students looking to take the TLC exam after completing their 24 Hour Classes.
  • Our practice tests will provide you enough knowledge and a sense of how the real TLC Test is organized. After taking our Practice Tests you will be able to determine if you are ready to take and pass the real TLC test. Our practice tests help you prepare for the actual TLC test.
Please Note: These tests are NOT the actual TLC Exam you take to get a TLC Drivers License. These practice tests simply help you prepare for your TLC Exam as they are composed of numerous questions similar to Actual Exam.

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Get your TLC License Fast by practicing and experiencing the TLC Exam before taking the real exam. Our practice tests consist of four sections;

  1. Geography
  2. TLC Rules
  3. Vision Zero, WAV, Customer Service, etc.
  4. DMV, DDC, Parking, etc.

These are timed Practice exams and you get random questions every time you take a new practice test. Our database contains over 1000 questions. Upon completion of each practice exam, you get your total result, Section wise result and you are able to review each question of the practice exam individually.